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Treecreepers Certhia familiaris are well-named and superbly camouflaged against tree bark with mottled feathers and a long down-curved bill for catching insects, spiders and grubs. A stiff tail helps support the bird as it creeps jerkily up trunks before making a short flight to spiral its way up another tree. The treecreeper nests in a cleft or behind a piece of bark and lays a large clutch of 3-9 eggs. The chicks can climb competently even before they can fly well, often leaving the crowded nest to fledge in the tree branches.

Photograph by Ron Macdonald

About Ron Macdonald

Ron took up wildlife photography when he retired from Scottish Natural Heritage in 2015. He uses his knowledge and fieldcraft to photograph birds at close quarters. His favourite group of birds to photograph are waders, mostly on the Ythan estuary where he lives.

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