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Red Fox Vulpes vulpes are opportunistic eaters and this flexibility allows them to occupy a wide variety of habitats, being as common in urban areas as in a natual setting. Rabbits and rodents are common prey, but their diet can include everything from birds and their eggs, to earthworms, beetles and fruit. Foxes live in loose family groups that are normally comprised of a dominant male and female and their young. Typically, a litter of four to five cubs will be born in spring and are largely independent by the autumn. The majority of foxes live no longer than three years.

Photograph by Andrew Parkinson

About Andrew Parkinson

Andy is a contributing photographer to National Geographic magazine and a multi-award winning wildlife photographer. As well as winning two categories he also won the overall title of Bird Photographer of the Year 2016 and has had over 30 awarded images in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, winning three categories along the way. He’s also been awarded 3 times in both Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and in 2012 was named Nature Photojournalist of the Year. He prefers to work close to his home in Derbyshire and works exclusively with animals and birds that are wild and free.

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