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The Dipper Cinclus cinclus inhabits fast flowing streams and has the remarkable ability to walk underwater, upstream on the riverbed in search of water insects, invertebrates and tadpoles. It perches on boulders midstream and repeatedly ‘bobs’ before submerging into the fast flowing water. Dippers nest on the riverbank, in rock crevices or overhangs, behind the tumbling curtain of a waterfall or in manmade structures such as bridges or weirs. The chicks are capable of swimming after only a few days and can fly around 3 weeks old. They may spend the entire year on the same stretch of river.

Photograph by Hilary Tann

About Hilary Tann

Hilary lives in the Peak District of Derbyshire and enjoys its variety of landscapes and habitats. She believes it is essential to develop an understanding of the behaviour of your subject and hopefully anticipate its movements to achieve a successful photograph.

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