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Spirogyra is a green algae of the order Zygnematalesa, also known as pond silk or blanket weed. Its slippery filaments shine like silk due to the presence of mucilage and float in large masses on bogs, ponds and shallow still waters. Named for their beautiful spiral chloroplasts within each cell, spirogyra is commonly found in clean water and is a cryptogam, a non-flowering life form which produces energy through photosynthesis. The importance of algaes role in the ecological carbon balance has largely been neglected until recently and has been found, along with fellow cryptogams lichens and mosses, to take up 14 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Photograph by Joanna Clegg

About Joanna Clegg

Joanna has had a keen interest in the natural world since early childhood. This interest continued and led to her studying Marine Biology and Marine Environmental Protection to MSc level. 

Her interest in photography began when she got her first SLR camera at the age of 18. She was particularly driven to taking abstract images of details in the natural world. However, it wasn’t until the advent of digital cameras that Joanna started taking her photography more seriously.

Although Joanna enjoys photographing all aspects of the natural world, she particularly has an eye for detail and patterns. She found that using a macro lens she was able to isolate views of the natural world, thus revealing the ‘art’ of nature. Her often abstract images reveal a side of nature often missed.

Joanna has had her work published in various magazines and has had successes over the years in competitions such as the International Garden Photographer of the year (IGPOTY).

Joanna and her husband run an organic farm in the far South West of Cornwall. But at every opportunity Joanna is out with her camera on the farm and beyond. 

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