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Millstone Grit is a coarse-grained sedimentary rock formed 300 million years ago when huge rivers and tides, washed sands and gravels across a swathe of landscapes in Northern England. The gritstone, as it is known, is resilient to weathering and forms escarpments surrounding the high moorland plateaux of Derbyshire. Sandy Heys ridge, Kinder Scout 636m, Derbyshire.

Photograph by John Beatty

About John Beatty

For thirty years, John has ventured across the world returning with stories of his experiences of the wilderness which few have encountered. He has drunk tea with Thangboche’s High Lama in the Kumbu, collected shells from Pacific beaches, run with wilderbeests in the ancient dusts of Serengeti, hiked to hidden springs of Grand Canyon, encountered walrus’, wolves and streams of caribou in the low islands of Aleutian Alaska. His travels are infused with adventure and wonderment, from Galapagos to the Andes, Namibia, Mongolia and the Amazon Basin. Closer to home, John has photographed almost all wild land locations in Britain, from the windswept tors of Cornwall to white strands of the Outer Hebrides.

As a photographer of wilderness it is the drama of landscape, its biodiversity and wild weather that attracts him most. Major expeditions including seven months spent in Antarctica, a winter in Spitzbergen and an historic four hundred mile traverse of the Greenland Icecap, John's assignments have taken him to some of the wildest lands on Earth.

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