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The Fen Raft Spider Dolomedes plantarius is extremely rare and thus protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act. This spider can reach 7cms across including legs. There only three known UK locations for the Fen Raft Spider: Suffolk and Sussex fenland and in South Wales. It detects movements of prey on the surface of water through the hairs on its legs. The spider’s prey includes pond skaters, dragonfly larvae and occasionally tadpoles and small fish.

Photograph by Alex Hyde

About Alex Hyde

Alex Hyde is one of Britain’s leading exponents of close-up nature photography. His award-winning images portray a hidden world of extraordinary beauty. “To this day I delight in revealing tiny details of subjects that would be missed by the naked eye. Many of my pictures involve photographing moving subjects smaller than a grain of rice. Nature provides me with an endless array of fascinating subjects.”

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