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The Jay Garrulus glandarius belongs to the corvid or crow family. During the autumn months a jay may collect and cache up to 5000 acorns or beech mast, for retrieval throughout the year. Since most of these seeds are disguarded or forgotten, most will germinate and grow. These ‘screechers of the woods’ are therefore wonderful planters of trees. Apart from nuts and seeds, the jay will eat nestlings, insects and even small mammals.

Photograph by Rosamund Macfarlane

About Rosamund Macfarlane

Rosamund has travelled widely in the past 15 years photographing wildlife and landscapes abroad and in the UK. Rosamund has won numerous awards in international, regional and local photographic competitions and was a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 2015. She and her husband John retired to the Lake District a decade ago and together they have developed a passion for photography while walking the fells and getting to know their environs intimately.

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