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Old red sandstones and mudstones of the Devonian period formed these steep slopes of Picws Du 749m, the highest peak of the Carmarthen Fans in South Wales. The craggy sides called Binnau sir Gaer meaning ‘fortress of the county’, and the northern face of adjoining Waun Lefrith 677m, were subject to glacial action which also formed the folkloric mountain lake, Lyn y Fan Fach.

Photograph by John Farrar

About John Farrar

Landscape photography is my focus (sic) since retiring from a university career researching and teaching plant and environmental science.  Photography combines my lifelong love of Britain's wild places with an understanding (I hope!) of how our diverse environments work and the processes within them, as well as the way light falls on them.  Seeing - really seeing - what is around us is hard, and the challenge for me is to find formalist images whose structure and atmosphere are consonant with the nature of the subject. 

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