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Atlantic Puffins Alca arctica gather outside their burrows to make communal fishing flights. Their short wings are specially adapted for ‘flying’ underwater to catch small fish such as sand eel and herring. Puffins are distinct in their ability to carry several fish at a time, crosswise in their bill, rather than regurgitating swallowed fish as most seabirds do. Puffins have been in a precipitous decline in the last decade due to marine pollution and the collapse of sand eel populations due to the rise in sea temperatures from global warming.

Photograph by Neil McIntyre

About Neil McIntyre

Neil McIntyre's work is widely published and used in many national magazines like the BBC Wildlife magazine and national newspapers. Organisations like the Scottish Natural Heritage, the Cairngorms National Park Authority and the John Muir Trust are also amongst my clients. In addition to these, his images have also featured in over 25 books.

Over the years Neil has been fortunate to have won several awards in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition including the Eric Hoskings Award in two consecutive years, he also been a category runner up and had a further four images highly commended. In the British Wildlife Photography Awards Neil won the portraits category with an image of a red deer stag, with a further 4 other images having been highly commended in that competition to date.

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