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Be inspired every day with the Wild Nature Dairy and Calendar 2021.

There are certain moments in every year that signal turning points. I stood in the garden the other morning drinking my first tea of the day. There was a catch of autumn in the air, a thin mist hung by the pond. A familiar background of wood pigeons were clapping and flapping in the rowan branches fighting for the berries. Even the robin’s summery melody reduced to a soft tick-tick-ticking. I sensed autumn in the air and with it, a time to plan the next few months and begin to consider 2021 and all that it may bring.

It is my season to invite you to look at our Wild Nature Diary and Calendar 2021. I hope this year's editions will inspire you to enjoy the nature around us, day by day.

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I hope you enjoy the magnificence of wild nature; its landscapes, seasons, plant life and creatures in these pages, throughout the year.

John Beatty, Editor

Photograph by Laurie Campbell

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