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Mixed woodland of Beech Fagus sylvatica and Silver birch Betula pendula above Shepherds Crag in Borrowdale, Cumbria. Writers and artists first entered Borrowdale in the 1760’s describing it as “a wild place, fraught with unknown dangers”. Since then artists like J.M.W. Turner, John Constable and Alfred Heaton Cooper have all contributed their impressions of this spectacular Lake District valley.

"Shepherd's Crag in the Lake District is a wonderful place to explore - not only for the fabulous views towards Scafell and Skiddaw but also for its groves of silver birch trees clinging to the rocky crag. During late November I was drawn towards one particular tree which still held its golden leaves. As the light faded during the afternoon this tree made a wonderful contrast to the pastel tones of the branches and silvery trunks." – Ross Brown

Photograph by Ross Brown

About Ross Brown

Ross Brown lives in Yorkshire. His passion for photography grew out of a love of exploring the hills, moors and dales of the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland. Initially he spent a number of years using a large format camera learning the importance of a meticulous workflow and balanced composition.

Ross has been a regular contributor to the John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary and Calendar, and exhibits his work in Yorkshire.

We are fortunate to enjoy an ever-changing seasonal landscape in the UK and this makes for a fascinating place to explore and photograph. Hardly has one season established itself when another is soon upon us. I have spent many hours climbing and walking in Northern Britian and through photography have discovered many unique and beautiful places. From the isolated wilderness of the mountains and coast of Northern Scotland to the rugged moorland on my doorstep in Yorkshire – I love being outdoors, watching the light, and trying to capture the texture and details of our precious environment.

In my work as a whole, there are 3 key elements: the colour and tones of autumnal flora, the flow and passage of water, and the detailed patterns in mountain and coastal geology. I hope the images represent the sense of calmness and wonder which I experience and will provide inspiration to explore these remote landscapes.”  


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